LMS Compassion Place


601 Hammonds Lane, Baltimore, MD 21225

Phone: 410-636-0123

Toll Free: 1-877-737-8567

Fax: 410-636-6984

Mailing Address:

LMS Compassion Place

P.O. Box 438

Linthicum, MD 21090

Rev. Dr. David R. Maack
Executive Director

Alan Amrhine
Communications Director

Bruce Cameron
Facilities & Transportation Director

Kathaleen Crout
Administrative Assistant

Sharon Leuschner
Receptionist / Secretary

Kim Naumann
Volunteer Ministry Director

Tena Rooks
Community Ministry Director

Heather Rosenkoetter
Finance & Business Director

Gary Thomas
Vehicle Donations Coordinator

7 Responses to Contact

  1. Ardis Hill says:

    Hi, our group at Messiah Lutheran in Germantowm, M
    have knit 50 plus winCould you use them?er hats for children and adults

  2. lmsmd601 says:

    Absolutely we could use the knitted hats for children and adults. Thank you so much.

    Our truck will be over in your area in a couple of weeks, and we could arrange to pick them up at the church, if that would work for you.

    Thank you again. Knitted hats, and other winter items (mittens, scarves, etc) are always in great demand in our Compassion Centers for folks in need,

  3. Voula says:

    Is the trailer coming back to Calvert County? I have a lot of children’s things I would like to donate. Thank you.

  4. Emily N says:

    Do you accept Maternity clothing? I would love to donate my items to those in need!

    Thank you!

    • lmsmd601 says:

      Emily, we certainly do accept maternity clothing in good condition. Your donation may be brought to any of our Compassion Centers listed on the website during their hours of operation. You will receive a tax receipt so your donation may be used as a tax deduction. Thank you for thinking of us and those we serve in Jesus’ name. Blessings!

  5. robin m fromm says:

    Do you accept hospital beds?

    • lmsmd601 says:

      No, I’m sorry, we can’t accept hospital beds. You could call Orphan Grain Train at (410) 544-1621. They are a great organization and can use hospital beds, and your donation will also be tax deductible.

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