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  1. Ann Glodek says:

    I am the Mental Health Court Coordinator for Baltimore City District Court on Patapsco Ave. On occasion we have defendants that are leaving jail/hospital into a residential program to assist with their mental illness/substance abuse who are in need of clothing. I was wondering if the Lutheran Mission could provide assistance.

    Thank you,
    Ann Glodek

    • lmsmd601 says:

      Ms. Glodek,

      Thank you for your post on our website. We would be happy to assist your defendants with clothing as needed. Our clothing is distributed through our centers. Please see our website for our list of locations: https://compassionplace.org/compassion-centers/ . Each center has a weekly chapel service (listed on the site) where free food and clothing (one outfit per person) are distributed to clients. Clients are able to receive this assistance once per month. For special instances, we can give more than one outfit of clothing if needed. In these situations it would be helpful for the client to have a referral from your office on your letterhead.

      Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, or would like to discuss other ways we might be able to help. I work part time, but am usually in the office 9am-2pm, Tuesday – Friday.

      Thank you,
      Heather Rosenkoetter
      Director of Community Ministry

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